black eyes peace feat sergio mendes – mas que nada

Black Eyed Peas Video Rating: 4 / 5


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24 Responses to “black eyes peace feat sergio mendes – mas que nada”

  1. RammsteinRlz1 says:


  2. pabelswagner mendez says:

    quien esa chava

  3. pedrokitadani says:

    Jorge Ben Jor

  4. hottubz1965 says:

    I was ok with the B.E.P. enjoying their Pop/quasi-rap success….but now have decided that they should be the first sacrifices in the apocalypse. What a joke! Idiots. (Fergie would be hot if she kept her pie-hole shut)

  5. Cesar Santos says:

    Shit of the shit . If I was Jorge Ben Jor I would SUE your guys asses.

  6. JReel17 says:

    I remember this song from NBA Live 2007. Man that game had a good soundtrack list. My fav song in the game.

  7. cami paredes says:

    muy buena combinacion!!! amo a los peas

  8. aLqoLq says:

    live performance + black eyes peace = earthquake. Just find the version that not include lovely b.e.p

  9. Juan Felipe says:

    tambem acho :(

  10. Juan Felipe says:

    ”Mas que nada sai da minha frente que eu quero passar pois o samba esta animado e oque eu quero e sambar”

  11. esckarlet lopez says:

    fergie ess suuperr buena onda ya platik cn ella varias vesesss jj XDD

  12. mindfreakgirl18 says:

    fergie trata de imitar a shakira con el baile jejejej

  13. jhor63 says:

    FERGIE you´re not SHAKIRA so please stop doing that belly dancing

  14. mickey Mantell says:

    they should be arrested for crimes again humanity - Sergio ….jeeezzz what were you thinking…

  15. Lucas Macedo says:

    a original é muito melhor !

  16. kebab123 says:

    they destroyed such a great song

  17. Séjzelle E-O says:

    Fergie can really belly dance though

  18. Séjzelle E-O says:

    dunno if you’re mocking me or not, but i thought your comment was funny haha! :’)

  19. GuessImJustASpudBoy says:

    I never noticed how ridiculous they looked in their un-uniformed dancing on the stage because I was looking at Fergie prancing around with the belly dancing.

  20. Erick Camacho Pop Culture says:

    Wow baila = q shakiraa =0 muy sexi las amo a las 2 deberian ahcer un duetoo!!! <3

  21. saxman327 says:

    Sergio got paid soo much for this bastardisation of his masterpiece

  22. Lavaroxx says:

    Outside of whateva Fergie is doing, i thought they hit this one on Jay!!

  23. copotdnieve says:

    Fergie is such a Shakira wanna be with that poor version of belly dancing, first off you don’t wear massive wedges and a traditional petticoat skirt…. gosh someone please teach these guys about cultural fashion…..

  24. James Kipler says:

    The Peas gave Sergio a black eye on this one. He is much too good a musician to do this. Still dig you though Sergio!!

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