Evanescence – Evanescence [Full Album]

Evanescence Video Rating: 4 / 5


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25 Responses to “Evanescence – Evanescence [Full Album]”

  1. Joshua Morris says:

    amy lee is so phenmonal she never gets old

  2. Billy Jack says:

    Such Beauty ,like Cleopatra she is certainly gorgeous!

  3. Evanesence98 says:

    55 people really don’t understand the concept of these songs really

  4. virgendelamormalaga says:

    55 people have no heart

  5. bushkinflaggan94 says:

    I use this album to work out!! <3

  6. rtur85 says:


  7. Adam B says:

    w w w .filestube. c o m/2shared/5KsDdcSw8tzmkEdEc1MxHW/Evanescence-Evanescence-Deluxe-Version-%5B2011-Album%5D%5BSW%5D.html


  8. tto129 says:

    Or juste love JB… These things exist… but shouldn’t be…

  9. LaDyRaRa1989 says:

    if u want the full one,so u should have FREEMAKE vdeo converter….it can downdloads from youtube n also can convert in mp3 too…;)

  10. Lucas Tomaz says:

    i’m not found the full album but thank you

  11. LaDyRaRa1989 says:

    Try download at TakeMp3

  12. Lucas Tomaz says:

    i’m not found it to download in anywhere,anyone know a link to download?

  13. Mike Erickson says:

    my heart is broken is my favourite song from this album

  14. ellebub2002 says:

    I really wish i knew about the UK tour, bet it was epic!…i’m not a die-hard fan but I’ve always loved their work.

  15. ariane husson says:

    onu j’aime mais s’il vous plait ,je sais que les guerres ne s’arrêteront pas comme ça ,faites quelque chose pour que les enfants ne soient pas touchés par aucune arme

  16. Maribel Ayala Vargas says:

    Faltó el bonnus track…pero no dejo de escucharlo <3 <3 <2

  17. Friedrainbowz says:

    Ameiii. <3

  18. pavelicvjeran says:

    i tought – they/re paycheck - very good.

    good band….very

  19. ajrocha123 says:

    Amy lee don’t wanna be a very pupular girl.she wants express herself in life. your fears,courage and feelings and just few people knows how to listen what she give to us. and I let it keep on in seven keys . she music really touch my heart and soul. I love Evanescence since when I was young. As time passes by and I let it. :) pure angel when I hear any song it’s kind like I feel my second heartbeat. :) #thisisgreat!

  20. FabulouzMIRI says:

    i love this album its more beaty

  21. xAlyciaLovex says:

    Sorry, I’m not trying to be combative– but that doesn’t mean they aren’t popular. They get played on MTV and get lots of exposure on the radio. Their songs are on the charts, they have a huge following, and while they may not permeate all of pop culture as they did in their “My Immortal” days, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a massively popular band still. Not that it matters, I’m just saying they aren’t some obscure underground band…

  22. XamoebabrainX says:

    swimming home is so hauntingly beautiful. love you and your creative spirit, amy.

  23. CyaLuna says:

    I’m not talking JUST about you…. partly though

  24. CyaLuna says:

    Not really, where I am. Nobody knows who they are and whenever I say I like them, people are just like “Who’s that?”

  25. Manuel Neko says:

    Oceans 35:21 <3

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