Andrea Bocelli – La Donna E Mobile

Andrea Bocelli Video Rating: 4 / 5


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25 Responses to “Andrea Bocelli – La Donna E Mobile”

  1. pinooo1986 says:

    seriously people actualy found a way to fight about andrea bocelli :S like theres not enough trouble in the world without the discussion if bocelli is good or not :S if hes an artist for the masses or not get youre ignorent heads out of youre asses and enjoy the music or move along :S

  2. NEILTRIVEDI says:

    London thug life all day

  3. msommer21 says:

    You sound like a badass. I’m pretty impressed.

  4. NEILTRIVEDI says:

    uneducated? hahaha mate I’m studying one of the most credited and versatile degrees in the 4th best University in the world. Come at me bro?

  5. msommer21 says:

    Good argument. My favorite part was where you got mad because you didn’t have anything better to say. And no it’s not a matter of opinion. He’s not classically trained, and I could spend hours telling your all of the things that he’s doing that are unnatural and unmusical, but I seriously doubt an uneducated douchebag like yourself could understand. Glad we could keep it civil.

  6. NEILTRIVEDI says:

    fuck off you cunt. your comment is a matter of opinion. trott along now….

  7. msommer21 says:

    if you think Andrea Bocelli is the best opera singer ever, you clearly do not listen to opera. He’s a popular music star…not an opera star. Any music critic will tell you that. When he is cast in a role it is as a publicity stunt because people know his name, not because he is good.

  8. NEILTRIVEDI says:

    wrong. Franco Corelli, Verdi, Renata Scotto. I’m Italian, my family bum this kind of music!

  9. collecram says:

    you probably dont know any others just them.:)

  10. iMaajid says:

    Yes. People elevate him to Pavarotti levels because he’s blind. It’s rather strange.

  11. yoshed andres Pulgarin Loaiza says:


  12. naireth chavez gutierrez says:

    que lindo es el

  13. maria lares says:


  14. sofik964 says:

    He was born with poor eye site, and went totally blind at the age of 12(

  15. Spantaocells says:

    Insuperable Bocelli!!!

  16. Teeraphon Kainara says:

    He blind ?

  17. EduardoTVideos says:

    Paris please find a way, to load an hyprospray…

  18. Ester Romagnani says:

    simplesmente fantastico

  19. iArmanPod says:

    Yo Deseo cantar Asi!

  20. fREDYh PL says:

    FUCK .|.

  21. fREDYh PL says:

    PUttAS MMdAS xD

  22. nuzzo82 says:

    ascoltare certi brani provoca emozioni

  23. Angelo Pio Tutone says:

    14 persone non sanno cosa significhi BELLA MUSICA

  24. Bl4ckDr4goNOrigiNs says:

    pavarotti curso teve uma voz melhor:)

  25. GoldenShiner1 says:

    OMG. he’s good.

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