90s Dance Hits Megamix Vol 1: Sash! / Milk Inc./ Ian Van Dahl

Los Rodriguez Video Rating: 4 / 5


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25 Responses to “90s Dance Hits Megamix Vol 1: Sash! / Milk Inc./ Ian Van Dahl”

  1. UKDev1 says:

    thumbs up if you danced a bit with these tunes in your room.

  2. talking811 says:

    So far I love this music .. I hate from 2000 to 2012

  3. DJMotionPro says:

    Wow, buen dance.

  4. mikheev says:

    @TheSkinner1983 норкоман штоле?

  5. izzi408 says:

    estas cansiones son de mi mera epocade desmadre uyyyyyy

  6. WordBelmont says:

    Lady Gaga @ 7:32 ???

  7. psoaresrj says:


  8. waynederland says:

    I like!

  9. TheSkinner1983 says:

    ништяк козлы музон человечий завалите ебло черти драные сосите хуй как Сталин трубку. ёу меня претёу ёу ёу

  10. hb3vdo says:

    einfach Super

  11. Randym4a1 says:

    nice thanks

  12. geordiecuper says:

    Muy bueno tio, hasta tu nombre nos lleva a una buena época,jajaj !!

  13. 2ndSSBggydbluds says:

    @ita1dca Should give him a hint to start mixing a new track – a blast from the past aka a 2000′s trance theme would go down a treat nowadays.

  14. Mr211079 says:

    si vale m trasporta a mi epoca favorita..!!!!!!! los 90 nunca pasaran de moda….!°!!!!

  15. ciceroncas says:

    sin comentarios

  16. eduardochapa32youtub says:

    me parece muy buen megamix de electronic el mejor.

  17. KingSonnyBoii says:

    those werent my party days they were my moms but dam she was lucky to have good music to party with now its all rap sounding like crap

  18. HATZCOOC says:

    360p HellYeah!!! :P

  19. MultiJoserodrigues says:

    muit aguia locooooo

  20. iluveurodance says:

    I ♥ Eurodance ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪

  21. tonybellajosh says:

    Classic …..

  22. ita1dca says:

    the funny things is SASH is the dj in my pub in magaluf he still has it and a good employer

  23. jotaslayer1 says:

    @mauricio0maury jajajaj ya ves

  24. mauricio0maury says:

    dios como odio la 1 cancion!

  25. Booowwwz says:

    sash did great music….i likedd and still like his tracks….especially equador, cause that was his first….missing the 90′s……great childhood

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