Andrea Bocelli – Caruso

Andrea Bocelli Video Rating: 4 / 5


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25 Responses to “Andrea Bocelli – Caruso”

  1. RushyBee says:

    I think, it’s been shown us a piece of heaven.Wonderful.

  2. EasterF00D says:

    @IvanaMirkovic1 Yeah I listn to Heavy metal I and I love this kind of music because it is so damn beutiful =’)

  3. 420sounds says:

    I love this mans voice I swear… <3 Amazing…

  4. Chevronet says:

    Check out this version in Lithuanian by 14-year old Ilya Aksionov and his music teacher Vita Pimpiene: watch?v=xKagLnHu5t4&feature=related

  5. Albaniia666 says:

    Complimenti per questa canzone meravigliosa

  6. Toepazz1 says:

    simplemente fantastico

  7. TheMoritati says:

    @lisetterubi I listened to a couple of the Dalla recordings after I read this comment, and I’m not sure how you can even compare the two. Dalla’s sound is dry, forced, and brash….unless you know something that I don’t?

  8. Natacha3054 says:

    une pure merveille !!!!!

  9. lisetterubi says:

    Although I love Andrea Bocelli, but nobody beats Lucio Dalla when it comes to Caruso:)

  10. puaroshka says:

    love his voice!!!

  11. sicon67 says:

    Sorry. Doesn’t come close to Pav’s.

    Get some decent headphones on and sit in a dark room and close your eyes and listen to Pav’s version. Most incredible voice ever.

  12. JulioBurrito says:

    Check out wonderful videos of Ali Muradov (singer and violinist)
    You will be amazed! Visit his Youtube channel :)

  13. VagueIllusion says:


  14. marcomarconi10 says:

    ascoltate francesca kur!!! l’ho scoperta per caso su youtube..secondo me è bravissima!!

  15. Scholasticstuff says:

    @IvanaMirkovic1 Interesting that he’s singing it lower in pitch than Pav. Sorry, this is a really horrid and wiry voice – a pop tenor only.

  16. MrOmarr1991 says:

    try this version you will love it for sure watch?v=Z4gUu9R5fzU&feature=related

    thumps up!!!

  17. Gauthierugb says:

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  18. XXXGHEU says:

    EL MAESTRO !!!…..this is the only song that I love hearing both when I am happy or sad….his voice is magical, I love it even if I don t undestand italian….By the way it s 10000 times better than pavarotti s version.

  19. Gauthierugb says:

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  20. IvanaMirkovic1 says:

    106 people have a serious problem in their heads ! The most beautiful voice in the world ! I love this amazing man !

  21. ralma95 says:

    106 people have got to have something wrong with their hearing because this is awesome! If it were possible to fall in love with someone for their voice it would have to be him!

  22. AdriaFloriDeSoc says:




  23. potsinfo says:

    @Herc2770 I think I am in love with you :) and thank you :)

  24. Herc2770 says:

    @potsinfo You dont have to look at a womans face to know shes beautiful, you just are.

  25. yubian3 says:

    Listing to Bocelli’s voice.. I close my eyes and can transport myself to his opera and get totally lost in his voice. God bless you for your will and talent.

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