Andrea Bocelli – Por Ti Volare

Andrea Bocelli Video Rating: 4 / 5


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25 Responses to “Andrea Bocelli – Por Ti Volare”

  1. nexix223 says:

    Felicidades amigo ES UN EXELENTE VIDEO

  2. jewelian1001 says:

    @jewelian1001 yr mom is great..

  3. jkd914 says:

    lol I hate to say this….but…well


  4. kilani010 says:

    @BuzuzuBoy loooooooooool without the fucking catalina wine mixer i wouldnt know the name

  5. ositamafesita says:

    es hermossaaaaa esta cancionn y esa vozz

  6. shareeza22 says:

    Perfeita! a cultura italiana muito me interessa, Andrea Bocelli canta demais!!!

  7. gabyycaro05 says:

    muy bueno

  8. mattwalkowiak says:

    Boats & Hoes!

  9. mattwalkowiak says:

    Boats & Hoes!

  10. mattwalkowiak says:

    Boats & Hoes!

  11. mattwalkowiak says:

    Boats & Hoes!

  12. mattwalkowiak says:

    Boats & Hoes!

  13. mattwalkowiak says:

    @BuzuzuBoy Boats & Hoes!

  14. eldiegoescreacion says:

    Boats and Hoes

  15. TheLepra67 says:

    Una cancion
    Para valorar lo importante que es el Amor, en la vida”

  16. Ted7864 says:

    It’s the Catalina Wine Mixer………Can I have thumbs up now too???

  17. biankadiaz says:

    Que buena , me encanta

  18. lilidelastejasverdes says:

    Yo creo que es un vídeo muy bonito.

  19. cinvvdy1984 says:

    muy bueno y la dedicatoria una ternura

  20. JChockandJCar says:

    i think will ferrell did a better job

  21. mrtraffic97 says:

    @jakesthebomb yeah, you bombed that smart ass

  22. sonia094 says:

    @mrgoof90 Haha.. why?

  23. mrgoof90 says:


    I hope you get your eyes poked out

  24. sonia094 says:

    I can’t even make eye contact with you right now..

  25. Scarecrowman27 says:

    @cooljoker12345 This song is in a movie at a wine mixer, It’s called The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer. I want to me bank bro

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